Club Spotlight: Latin Club

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Club Spotlight: Latin Club

Nicholas Chang, Editor

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One of BA’s largest clubs, the Latin Club, also known as the BAJCL, fosters a love of ancient civilization in many of BA’s students. Consisting almost entirely of passionate Latin students, the Latin Club offers members the opportunity to attend both state and national classics conventions. The organization is run by a panel of eleven elected student officers and Mrs. Osier, their advisor. Vibhu Kolli, the President of the BAJCL, spoke with KnightWatch about the Latin Club’s plans for the upcoming school year. She commented that, “in past years, we’ve had large-scale events, like State and National Convention, Toga Trick-or-Treat, and bowling, but we’ve also had small-scale events like celebrating Rome’s birthday and Find Pegasus,” and added that her main goal for BA at this year’s State Convention is “to take a large group of students to State, as we have in the past, and maximize our involvement in the WJCL.” When asked about what the State and National Latin Conventions are, Kolli had this to say:

“At State Convention, classics students from across the state come together and participate in activities like spirit, war machine, Certamen, chess, and creative and graphic arts competitions. On a larger scale, Nationals is a five day convention that is hosted by different prestigious universities for students from all over the nation to cultivate their love for the classics.”

Finally, we asked her about how students can get involved in the Latin Club. In addition to encouraging prospective students to visit the Latin Club’s website (, Kolli said encouraged prospective students to contact the Latin teachers, Mrs. Twetten and Mrs. Osier, or the club’s officers.


Advisor: Mrs. Osier


President: Vibhu Kolli

Vice President: Alisha Khosla

Spirit Officers: Arushi Dhingra and Katherine Hearden

Parliamentarian: Niels Armbruster

Secretary: Katie Hieb

Technology Coordinator: Nicholas Chang

Treasurers: Tayte Matthews and Ali Warraich

Historians: Amanda Roessler and Reena Singhal

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