Athletic Department Celebrates Fall Sports Achievements

Mark Frohna

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As the fall athletic season is coming to a close, now is a great time to reflect on this past season. All of our sports teams shared success, were able to connect the middle school and upper school teams, learned the balance of being a student-athlete, and above all, had the opportunity to choose character.

There is this question, do sports really build character? And yes, while we believe that as an Athletic Department, the most important thing about it is that we still need to choose character. That’s what makes sports so great and why our theme for this year fits so well with athletics. There are these moments, sometimes big, sometimes small, where athletes have the ability to be uplifting, turn negatives into positives by demonstrating good character on and off the field. For the fall sports that we were able to witness, we saw that great character. We hope we can continue to build on that into our winter and spring seasons.

We also need to give thanks to many groups of people. Thank you, to our staff and teachers for coordinating schedules in getting our student-athletes to practice and games on time. Thank you, coaches for all your hard work and dedication throughout the season. Thank you, parents and families for your support and willingness to provide a helping hand when called upon. And finally, thank you to you, our student-athletes, for your effort this season and for choosing character. For all students, we look forward to your participation this winter, next year and beyond.


2nd team all conference: Sahej Grewel

Varsity MVP: Amber Simic

Varsity Merit: Teresa Gairy

JV MVP:  Margaret Henery

JV Merit: Arushi Dhingra


MVP: Gabriella Bellido

Merit: Allison Courtright

Girls Tennis

State Qualifiers: Anna Deubel, Katherine Hearden (Doubles); Marie Major, (Singles)

Varsity MVP: Marie Major

Varsity Merit: Katherine Hearden, Anna Deubel

JV MVP: Charlotte Aexel

JV Merit: Estelle Watts, Carly Zeiler

Field Hockey

1st Team All-Conference: Ella Wareham, Amanda Roessler

2nd Team All-Conference: Hailey Dieck, Katie Hieb, Grace Peacock

All-Conference Honorable Mention: Emily Elfelt, Julia Jensen, Ellie Jensen

Varsity MVP: Ella Wareham

Varsity Merit: Amanda Roessler

JV MVP: Serena Suson

JV Merit: Cece Evanich

Cross Country

State Qualifiers: Cormac Malloy, Nathaniel Osborne

Boys MVP: Nathaniel Osborne

Boys Merit:  Cormac Malloy

Girls MVP: Samantha Ronge

Girls Merit: Erna von Estorff


1st Team All-Conference Offensive Players: Daniel Kim – QB

All-Conference Offensive Honorable Mention: Mark Gundrum – OL, Michael Hoggatt – OL

1st Team All-Conference Defensive Players: Michael Novacek -LB

All-Conference Defensive Honorable Mention: Issac Schoenwetter – DE, Jonathan Kim DB, Logan Kobliska -P

Varsity MVP: Daniel Kim

Varsity Merit: Joseph Schmidt

JV MVP: Nicholas Dortzbach

JV Merit: Jacob Reiner


1st Team All-Conference: Jake Wills

1st Team All-Conference Goalkeeper: Sean Connor

2nd Team All-Conference: Nathaniel Rilling, Andrew Laeuger, Jack Falzon, Brendan Jeide

Honorable Mention: Casimer Major

Varsity MVP: Jack Falzon

Varsity Merit: Sean Connor, Nathaniel Rilling

JV MVP: Kyle Jain

JV Merit: Ian Smith


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