Kid Cudi: The Story of the Chosen One

Juliana Zarate, Reporter

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Summer of 2009 was a time to be alive. My family and I went to visit some relatives in San Antonio, Texas. My dad drove the whole way. We sang along to songs, listened to stories about my parents’ childhood, watched Home Alone on the portable DVD player, and took long naps. I enjoyed the moment, and it did not phase me that I was in the car for more than 24 hours. As I looked out the window, a new song came on. My older brother and I immediately starting getting into it; it was so catchy and easy to learn. That was the first time I connected to Kid Cudi’s music, and I thought to myself that whoever made this song is a genius. “Day ‘N’ Nite” was an iconic Summer of 2009 song, and everyone knew it. It was the first time the whole world knew the legend himself, Kid Cudi.  Cleveland native Scott Seguro Mescudi always said that he always had a dream of becoming a musician and making a career out of it. He started off making mixtapes and sharing them on Soundcloud, and after graduating high school, he quickly made his way to New York City to make his dreams come true.

His first album, Man on the Moon: The End of the Day, was brilliant. Featuring superstar artists such as Kanye West, Common, and MGMT, Cudi still held his own through his unique sound and powerful storytelling. On Soundtrack 2 My Life, the second track on the album, Cudi explains the struggles of his rise to stardom, something that he still explores. A year later, he came out with his second album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. It was no surprise that this too would be another brilliant album. The album’s main focus is Kid Cudi’s drug addiction, personified through Cudi’s own creation, Mr. Rager. Kid Cudi lets the world know that he is puzzled, that what he is going through is affecting him, and that drugs changed the way he sees the universe. After many years of suffering through depression, 2016 was a golden year for Kid Cudi. He came out with an album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, which talks about how he overcame the afflictions of depression and alcoholism. Cudi’s ability to connect with his fans, by openly discussing his drug addiction and the throes of stardom, is what makes his work truly special.