Alumni Art Exhibition


At the annual Art Show in April, 2018, the Upper School’s art department officially unveiled an exhibition that honors the walls of our school with the artistic achievements  of our alumni. The gallery resides in a lower level hallway of the Upper School and is entitled An Exhibition of Alumni Work “A Mark in Time.”  The installation “celebrates the creative work of our graduates,” as the sign reads in the entrance of the hallway, and includes multiple pieces of celebrated artwork.

Ms. Gloria Renkert and Mrs. Elaine Buckley formed the idea as they walked through the 2017 Art Show. They decided to create a gallery that could be showcased year-round rather than exclusively during the spring show after noting guests’ appreciation for student art. Renkert made the project a goal, knowing her retirement was just around the corner, and was passionate about the project throughout the whole process. “She wanted it to be her legacy, in some ways,” explained Buckley.

From the hatching of the idea to the finishing touches, the process spanned over about six to eight months. The first decision dealt with which pieces to display, and you can find the answer on a plaque outside of the art room. The plaque recognizes one student each school year for their passion for, talent in, and commitment to the arts, and the installation showcases these art department award recipients’ works. The next step dealt with the logistics of locating each artist’s work and getting each artist’s permission. Some artwork had to be shipped, and several pieces arrived thanks to parents’ willingness. Finally, the important details such as the signage, each piece’s tag, and the sculpture display cases truly make the exhibition memorable and professional.

The pieces in the gallery were created by students from Buckley’s first year teaching in 2007 until last year’s graduates and include paintings, illustrations, printmaking, sculptures, ceramics, fashion, and more. Moving forward, the gallery will only expand, as pieces will not be switched out or removed. The art department also faces the choice to showcase art created by alumni who are not art department award recipients.

Thanks to the help of parents, the work of Mrs. Buckley, Ms. Renkert, and others, and the creativity of our alumni, “We are proud to share the vibrant and diverse creativity of our students over the years.”