CBD Explosion in Wisconsin

May 20, 2019


Michael Hoggatt

Milwaukee, WI, where the CBD market has increased dramatically

There are currently one hundred seventy-three vape shops in Wisconsin, a number that could not have been imagined even five years ago. CBD can be found at many locations other than vape shops from bakeries to gas stations. When shopping at a gas station for CBD, expect gas station quality. Though there are few detriments, if any, attributed to CBD use, the benefits that CBD proponents advocate will vary from batch to batch of CBD because not all products are FDA approved nor are all products produced with uniform methods to give consistent quantities.

All benefits CBD stores purport to provide are based on anecdotal evidence and individual experience. Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs that undergo extensive testing, CBD lacks scientific research. Interestingly, the selling of CBD oil is prohibited under Wisconsin law unless given a written prescription from a doctor for DS or GLS. However, due to CBD’s legal status in federal law, the Wisconsin Surgeon General decided to give vending permission to various stores.

All around Wisconsin, advertisements for CBD can be found. There is no doubt that many people suffer from chronic pain or other mental and physical ailments that can not be easily treated. The legalization of CBD may provide hope for many health reasons, but we just do not have enough scientific backing for claims surrounding CBD.

Channel 58 investigated whether or not stores sold products that contained the labelled amount of CBD or not. Their findings revealed most vape shops sell legitimate CBD products, whereas places such as mall kiosks can have zero percent CBD in some instances.To find out more, visit  https://www.cbs58.com/news/cbd-test-shocking-results


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