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As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly across the world, it greatly affects us and the rest of the school in Wisconsin with online classes. Sometimes we may play the victim of these measures, but quarantine truly has saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives in Wisconsin alone. At the moment, to us, the most drastic measure may have been Governor Tony Evers ordering the closure of public and private schools, which impacts us tremendously. I recently had the opportunity to interview the Head of the Upper School at BA, Dr. Davis, and listened to his reflection of the actions taken and some speculation on the future of our school and state. 

First and foremost, I asked whether BA had considered closing during the pandemic. Apparently, they had begun contemplating the switch to online classes on the basis of coronavirus for over two weeks before the governor’s order. This was due in part to many school trips that would have taken place overseas where the virus may have been more rampant and the students become stuck, unable to come back to the US. However, in no scenario would school be completely stopped; online classes were always the only option. As many of you recall, the idea of online classes was announced at the Monday and Friday assemblies before Spring Break. 

As the virus is hazardous, we should all take insurance to stay safe. It is absolutely false that COVID-19 rarely infects young people; we merely show fewer symptoms, and it is less lethal, not infectious, towards the young. As a result, we should all be careful, and do the steps the CDC recommends. Dr. Davis himself had taken extra precautions by frequently washing his hands and applying hand sanitizer. On his necessary trips to school and outside of him home, he guards himself using masks, gloves, and the like. He is especially grateful for Mrs. Roessler, who had made masks for the teachers and adults who need to come to school. 

Although the Governor Evers’ decision to close schools did not stop every infection in Wisconsin from occurring, Dr. Davis is sure that it did greatly mitigate the effect of the virus in our state. In addition, he believes the virus has had its peak in the week of April 13th (as predicted by government officials) and hopes the number of substantial cases will subside long before the end of summer, so that school may resume next year as normal in September. These anticipations are similarily in line with predictions made by the US government and CDC. Still, he thinks there will be resurgences of the virus as long as there is not a vaccine developed. When we hopefully do start classes again in September, we will have learned to adapt to the virus, and potentially use online learning methods for classes in normal day-to-day life.

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