COVID-19 Runs the Spring Sports Season Off Track.


Mark Frohna

Parker Schlick competing in the long jump his Junior year.

For some BA students, quarantine might be a dream come true, students only attend three to four classes a day, are able to attend class in sweatpants, and have an overall relaxed schedule.

Katie Hieb competing in a relay during her Junior year. (Mark Frohna)

While quarantine may be enjoyable for some, this new found freedom is not all sunshine and rainbows. With the recent announcement given by the governor of Wisconsin, quarantine is expected to stay enforced up until May 26. For BA this means the end of the 2019-2020 school year. This is also the case for all 2020 spring sports, including Track and Field.

The Track and Field team is known to be an accomplished group of athletes, with 16 broken school records in the last 7 years. With the new season starting, the excitement gave high morale to all new and returning athletes. Many returning seniors were ready to give their final year all they had. However, the season came to an abrupt stop when BA’s quarantine was enforced.

The Track Team continued to keep contact with each other and encouraged workouts in hopes of returning for the end of the school year. But due to the stay-at-home orders, Track and Field won’t be returning until the spring sports season of 2021. Resulting in the end of an era for the senior class. Heartfelt texts from seniors and coaches fill notifications on the Track and Field GroupMe chat. Coach Griffin texts, “I am honored each and every time one of you champions calls me coach.” While the virus enforces separation from others, it’s clear that this BA team is closer than ever.