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I think we can all agree that most school rules are fair and valid. Policies like no phone use in class, no eating in the library and no running in the halls are respected by most students. The one rule that we as students find illogical is the ban on listening to music while studying.

Whether you are into symphony No.41, the twang of Mumford and Sons banjo, or the revolutionary lyrics of Kanye’s Life of Pablo, we all have a go to study playlist. Everyone also has a favorite pair of headphone too, even if they are a pair of tangled apple earbuds stuck at the bottom of your backpack. According to the Stanford Medical Journal, Music affects your study habits in three positive ways. It helps your brain pay attention, make predictions, and update the facts into your memory. I know when I study at home, I blast the sound of Beyonce’s heavenly voice to drown out the noise of my mother chatting with her sister on the phone and the of cheers of the football game my Dad is watching on TV. Listening to music while studying in school will help us actually focus on our work instead of giving into the temptation to talk to friends or play ping pong in the cafeteria. A study by the University of Helsinki concluded that listening to music at a low volume increases creativity. In art class, Ms. Bruhn and Ms. Buckley play music while the students work. Creativity does not exclusively apply to art. Students need creativity in all subjects, whether it’s used to decipher a way to solve an equation or to interrupt a quote from a novel.

After surveying 20 students in the library during second lunch, all 20 students believed that the school should allow students to listen to music on earbuds while they study. I can see, however, way there would be opposition to my proposal. It can create a more antisocial environment in school. Another concern is that students can abuse this privilege and use their phones in way that are inappropriate. I do believe, however, that the positive effects outweigh the negatives. Music will not only make our studying more effect, but it will also make our days more enjoyable.

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